For how to ceramic coat a Car/ Motorcycle on your own, the process is indeed quite simple.  With the help of new DIY kits which are available to consumers, the authentic application process is straightforward. Before the application of nano coating, you have to make the car/ Motorcycle surface free from blemishes, which applies to even all brand new vehicles. The procedure of coating really depends on the condition of the surface of your cars. As the ceramic coating will be semi-permanently adding a layer upon to the paint of your vehicle. Moreover, it’s crucial to do any paint restoration before applying the car coating. It’s entirely upon you to decide, but we’d always recommend washing car, claying, buffing and keeping it pristine during the application of the coating. Don’t do this coating in direct sunlight.


Wash your car thoroughly and let it dry. It is very important to clean your car surface from all type of contaminations before applying the ceramic coating. Proper cleaning of your vehicle is a must.


Feel free to use your favourite car shampoo. After washing let it dry, the vehicle surface must be dry when applying the coating. The ideal conditions to apply the coating is 15- 30 degrees Celsius. 

  1. Unbox the super ceramic coating kit

super ceramic coating unboxing

2. Wrap the provided cloth over the sponge.

preparing for ceramic coating

3. Pour some drop of CERA GLARE liquid on the applicator and apply by vertical and horizontal by wiping on approx 1.5 to 2 sq feet area. Don’t apply on a wide or too big area. Dived your surface in small little parts and apply Super Ceramic Coating by wiping. Now you can see some oily or hazy mark of liquid on the surface. Now, wait for approx 20 to 40 seconds depending on temperature condition.

how to apply super ceramic coating in car

Now buff this part with a microfiber cloth. Buff with very soft gentle hand. Don’t put pressure to remove the coating. Just a little effort to remove those hazy or oily marks. To make surface glossy with the coating. A very smooth and soft buffing is needed with the microfiber cloth.

wet cloth ceramic coating

Now apply on the second part with the same process. So you have to repeat this process step by step on the whole car. You need to recoat the surface within 20-30 minutes after you completed ceramic coating the entire car. Don’t increase the time gap in between 2 layers. And you have to finish the coating once start the job. No chance of any time gap or interval once you start ceramic coating job. And make sure to change applicator towel side and microfiber towel time to time or layer by layer. 

Two Coatings of ceramic coating are must and if you want you can apply 3 to 6 or 9 layers of super ceramic nanocoating on the surface. It’s up to you. After coating, you cannot drive your vehicle for the next 24 hours. And don’t wash your vehicle for the next 3 to 5 days, also it’s a good idea to protect from water, birds drop etc in these days. If you want to test the hydrophobic effect we shown in the video, feel free to drop some water after 24 hours 😀

Enjoy your car’s new look! If you are  not yet purchased the ceramic coating, buy it from the official website below.

Important Notes

  • The temperature should not exceed 30-degree celsius
  • Make sure the applicator is wet with the ceramic coating when the time of applying. First, pour 10-15 drops to the applicator to make it wet.
  • Wipe the excess liquid and marks with microfiber cloths
  • Do not apply the coating outside and in direct sunlight

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