Car Side Mirror Anti Fog Film 2pcs/pack


Are you willing to keep yourself and your family safe from the danger of blurred vision through side mirrors while driving in rain and fog? Think of this Waterproof rain protector film as a water repellent screen protector for your car rearview mirror. The waterproof side mirror film effectively protects your driving sightline on a rainy day and clarify the view area for averting possible danger due to fogged mirrors. Our mirror film is suitable for all automobile and vehicle models for SUV, trucks, trailer, motorcycles, and etc. Be safe during rainy or foggy days and start using our anti-fog film!

  • It will repel water and protect your driving sight line while raining
  • Prevent the formation of fog on side mirrors
  • High hydrophobic characteristics help to remove glare while night driving
  • Suitable for all cars, SUVs, Trucks, Trailers, Bikes etc. Fits all standard size side mirrors

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