Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Ceramic Coating is the most advanced Nano Technology Paint Protection Coating. It is actually Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) material in liquid form. When applied on the surface, it bonds like a glass layer with the surface itself in 24 hours curing time. It adds about 1 to 1.5 micron thickness to the paint surface. 1 micron is about one 1000th of a millimeter.

Yes, Super Ceramic Coating is perfectly suited for use on any car or motorcycles.

Yes, although more semi-permanent. Super ceramic coating should be thought of as adding another clear coat to the paint’s surface. This new clear coat is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. Eventually the clear coat will wear away over the years; its overall longevity depends on conditions, cleaning frequency and proper application.

The coating lasts 1-2 years depending on how well you prepare the car before the application, how well the coating is applied and the aftercare of the coating.

There’s no guarantee for stone chips but it can protect against most of the small scratches.

Ceramic coating is meant for solid surfaces only. Any surface that bends or folds like a convertible soft cloth top is not meant to be coated with a ceramic coating. For these sort of surfaces you can look into hydrophobic sprays meant for clothing or shoes and if course specialized convertible soft top sprays.


  • Motorcycle – 1 bottle*
  • Small car- 1 bottle*
  • Sedan- 2 bottles*
  • Pick-up- 2 bottles*
  • Jeep- 2 bottles*
  • SUV- 3 bottles*
  • VAN- 3 bottles*
  • Boat- 4 bottles+*

*Please note that it may be a good idea getting an extra bottle, ensuring you don’t run out when doing an application.

Yeah…that’s exactly what this product is made for. We designed the formula for the daily bike driver, someone who wants to keep their car clean and protected, but without the huge expense of professional detailers. Instead of paying mark-ups of around 2000% from the auto detailing shop, we provide you with an easy-to-follow D.I.Y. package.

It depends on the package you choose to do. Ceramic Coating is majorly designed as a PAINT PROTECTION coating for metal & plastic surfaces. Though it can be applied for other surfaces also like Wheels, Windshield, Window glasses, Chrome, Interior Leather, Fabric etc IT DOESN’T MAKE BIG DIFFERENCE VISUALLY.


7 Key Practical Benefits-

  1. Stunning Beautiful Looks.
  2.  Awesome Shining & Mirror finish Reflection Clarity
  3. Paint protection against Harsh UV rays
  4. Anti-Ageing
  5. Scratch Resistance 
  6. Smooth & Even toned Surface finish
  7. Easier Washing & Maintenance.

And Many More benefits. BUY AND EXPERIENCE IT NOW!

FOR BOTH. New Bike needs it the most.

  1.  To make it look even more beautiful
  2. To Keep your New Bike always New.
  3. To maintain your Bike easily & effortlessly.

Old Bike is to be done if not done yet.

  1. To remove dullness & fadedness of your ageing Bike
  2. To bring back your New Bike shining & protect it further.
  3. To maintain your bike easily & effortlessly.

ArmorShield IX is perfectly safe for any porous surface including vinyl decals, striping, and any sort of car wraps.