Ceramic coatings, are they worth it? What is a ceramic coating firstly? The ceramic coating is totally hitting over the internet nowadays with an innumerable amount of videos across social media demonstrating mud being thrown over a hood and it results with sheeting off the thrown dirt abruptly, hardly leaving any stained marks over. For some viewers, the concept of ceramic coating might be entirely new, and some of them would be hearing ‘ceramic coating’ or ‘Nano coating’ for the very first time. Whereas the other group of viewers easily convinced about it. The question like “Will all such coating damage or ruin my car?” “Will it tends to have any adverse effects over my car?” ‘ “Why the coating seems to be expensive when the bottles are so minute/tiny?” “Are all these videos coming up cooked up, Does it have any reality ?”

In this post, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of applying the ceramic coating on your car. We’ll also be looking over the actuality of super ceramic coating over your vehicle, and determine whether the coating does what it claims to do. This review will be helpful for you to come up to a decision if it’s for you or not. Anyhow, the protection this ceramic coating provides and put forths is unbeaten. Now, Let’s dedicate and utilise some of our time to reveal certain facts from the fiction. Let’s gain a clear idea about the concept of the ceramic coating of cars. This is what we’ll discuss about today.

Why you need to apply a coating to your Vehicle?


Everyone wants his or her car to remain as elegant and beautiful, the way it was when you bought it home in spite of endless efforts of you trying to maintain its beauty by washing and cleaning it. Those evil marks, stains, scratches start to spread and ruin the elegance of your car’s exterior, and the devilish sun doesn’t forget to fade your car’s paint making it dull in appearance. Almost anything and everything is ready always to attack your car’s surface. Mud, dust, unsightly brake dust, water spots, grime start sticking to your car almost immediately after cleaning it. Moreover, lets honestly accept and agree the fact that washing and cleaning car is a boring, tedious and time-consuming work. Not forgetting about the automatic car washes which tend to leave scratches on the surface and also mars the paint, and talking about the chemicals used for washing, they are horrific for the car’s paint surface. Also saying a ‘hi’ to the scratches made by kids, shopping carts, bikes, scooters etc. The usage of wax provides an addition of a good level of glow, shine and gloss and also a small percentage of protection, but lasts a few months at best.

what is ceramic coating for Cars and Bikes?

The ceramic coating initially designed for the oil and space industry, the 9h ceramic technology has now expanded quickly into the automotive industry. All because how useful it proves to be. What is meant by 9H ceramic coating? The simplest and effective way to understand ceramic coatings is to imagine them as the second layer of human skin, or a sacrificial layer of protection which covers your car’s clearcoat. They utilise nanotechnology which is tiny particles that form an excellent and thin layer which are invisible to the naked eye. Since these particles are small, when it’s being applied on to the surface, they manage to seal all the pores present there, making the surface hydrophobic (water repellent), and also resistant to the UV scratches, chemicals, extreme heat and even anti-graffiti. This extraordinary 9H Ceramic layer is completely transparent.


The nano ceramic coating appears to form a semi permanent bond with a  vehicle’s surface, which results in a formation of ‘sacrificial’ layer that would not tend to wash away under washing, cleaning or even in rains. Usually, it lasts for years and years. They are capable of repelling water and dirt like nothing else, which makes them very easy to clean.  Due to the hardness, it’s easy to prevent the swirl marks and small scratches from washing.

Ceramic Coating price

Although the existence of the ceramic coating is being flashed more these days, ceramic car coatings have been standing upright in the detailing industry for several years. Although due to their repressive costs through the detailers, They’ve been accessible or cost-effective for only passionate people and owners of high-end vehicles. There are two options while deciding about your auto surface ceramic coating.

  • Professional Applications 
  • DIY Consumer Kits

Ceramic Coating Professional Applications

Professional Detailer Cost: ₹15000 – ₹45000

The professional application type of car coatings are those varieties of ceramic coating that are meant to be applied by a set of trained and certified professionals. The relative usage of equipment, experience and manual labour abruptly increase the cost of coating, depending on your budget. The professional ceramic prices that you can expect to pay at least $500, just for the application. Pre-prep and Professional preparations will add several hundred dollars more at a bare minimum. Most of these detailers buy the ceramic coating from online and charge you 20X of the real price.


Buy Online From Official Site Cost: ₹1200 – ₹ 3600

What will the sect of average people do, the sect which doesn’t drive a Ferrari or doesn’t want to pay potentially $1000s for a car polishing?  The 9H Super ceramic coatings are designed in a manner that it can be applied with little or no experience. The quality and the longevity of these products can vary tremendously, but when it comes to the part of a comparison with the costs of professional applications, they are a lot more accessible or affordable to the sect of average drivers. Super Ceramic Coating made it a very huge priority to accurately and adequately guide consumers through the entire experience, from ordering the right amount, preparation of the surface, application of the nano coating and lastly about how to maintain it, for it to last for many years.

DIY Ceramic Coating Advantages:

  •  Relatively easy to apply the nano-ceramic coating.
  • Extremely cost effective paint protection
  •  Very visible results

DIY Ceramic Coating Disadvantages:

  • Takes the effort to properly prepare a car if the paint surface if poor
  •  A lot of inferior quality knockoffs nanoceramics out there. Research required
  • Not proper guidance from every company
  • Some companies exaggerating benefits

ceramic coating benefits; what does it do?

There is an excellent and valid reason behind the growing popularity of nano-ceramic coating. A bunch of benefits are simply unheard of in the automotive industry, But to remember, there are also a set of some minor precautions you need to be aware of.

  • Hydrophobic

Hydrophobic means being highly water repellent. A very important feature of a nano-ceramic coating is that it is hydrophobic. It fundamentally means that the water will be repelled instantaneously. When the car is ready after the ceramic coating, the impressive hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll over the surface along with most dirt because it has all been unable to bond to your car paint. When people ask ”whats ceramic coating” this is the most repeated demonstration.
Any pending dirt on the car can be eliminated with less effort. A very less amount of effort. Ceramic coating proves to work much harder for the protection of the surface of your vehicle than any other ordinary paint job.
Rain and water bead as opposed to accumulating over the surface. Snow and ice are agents which do not stick to the surface. Moreover, while speaking about mud, as demonstrated above, it simply tends to slide off.

  • Protection from UV Damage / Oxidization / Rust
Vehicles are often exposed to the sun will start seeing the paint fade and look dull. This is due to the sun’s ultraviolet sunrays, which causes oxidation to the car’s paint. By adding a layer of Ceramic Coating to your paint, you can considerably reduce the oxidation.
Vehicles that are often under the exposure of the sun’s evil rays appears to look dull due to the fading of the paint. This is due to the presence of ultraviolet sunrays, which somehow manages to cause oxidation to the car’s paint.  , After the  Addition of a layer of Ceramic coating over your paint, you can effectively reduce the amount of oxidation occurring.
  • Improved Durability

The incredible Ceramic coating or nano coating appears to work much harder for the protection of the surface of your vehicle than any other ordinary paint job. The peculiarity of these coatings is that they quickly bond with the molecular structure of your car’s paint and it can’t be dislodged by vibrations or any external force, making it to last for a couple of years and not months. As mentioned previously in this article, Imagine this coating to be an added layer of skin on top of your paint. How long does the ceramic car coating last? An excellent DIY solution should withstand till 2-3 years.

Ceramic coating worth it? What Does a 9H Ceramic Coating NOT Do?

There are many misapprehensions about what the protection is unable to cover. Well, if thought some of it might be logical, but Let’s begin by saying this. Even the bestest of best ceramic coating does not make your car bulletproof. an excellent surely they ain’t any magic all-encompassing product that will somehow manage to solve all the potential hazards your surface is exposed to. The truth is that not all vehicle will benefit from it. Yes, They’re unable to stop rock chips, they do not prevent water spots too, just do not replace proper care or maintenance, they’re also not capable to prevent dings or dents, and they won’t last forever.  Just because your vehicle has experienced the ceramic paint procedure or treatment, it doesn’t at all mean that you no longer need to dust, wash or remove bird dropping. You will have to continue doing all of them. The only difference remaining is that maintaining your paint will require very negligible elbow grease and less time.


Ceramic Coating Myths Busted

We use to think we would round up for a bunch of myths we most often hear about, so you can get your facts from a much reliable source in case you’re wondering.

Myth 1: Ceramic Car Coatings Are Scratch Proof!

Many of the detailers and suppliers are used to overemphasise the scratch resistance of 9H ceramic coatings for cars, even going this far to call them scratch-proof or resistant to rock chips which is totally a false statement. Practically small scratches can be resisted by the nanoceramic coating and the sacrificial layer the car coating forms will relatively help your car against minor incidents that would otherwise mark your surface. Like for example, Driving through a brush, small little knocks from bikes, kids playing or animals jumping excitedly against the car.’
Most of the latest coatings for cars are ideally rated 9H on the pencil scale. This is the highest attainable scratch resistance, However ..9H ceramic coating for cars are not much thick or flexible enough to absorb the influence of a rock that’d be striking your paint at highway speed or to withstand against someone purposely trying to scratch your car.

Myth 2: Ceramic Coatings for your Car Don’t Need Maintenance

Discussing another myth, its that the ceramically coated cars do not require a wash or maintenance. A coating will mainly reduce down on the amount of washing and maintenance but not wholly terminate the requirement for it.
The reality says that if you’re going to drive your car, even if its infrequently, the road is obviously dirty which will eventually make the surface dirtier too even with the presence of a ceramic coating. It does still require washing, with minimal effort and very less frequency. Altogether, with a car coating, it’s going to be much more comfortable. Adding to it, it proves its efficiency by eliminating the need for waxing every few weeks, saving a lot of money over the course of the ceramic coatings lifetime.

Myth 3: Car Coatings Are Enduring

To a certain degree of extent, this is true. The nano ceramic coating is semi-permanent, as it directly forms a bonding between the surface of your car and restores into a hard and shiny sacrificial layer. Which means you need not re-apply every month to maintain that glossy and shiny surface.
How long will a ceramic coating last? With a good product and correct application, it should last at least 2-3 years. However, it is not permanent

Myth 4: Ceramic Coatings Bestows More Glow Than The Sealants And Waxes

The actuality is nano-coating for the cars doesn’t only pledge the gloss alone- the prep work which is done in the background is also critical. In case you have very faded paint and apply the coating to the car, it will yet fade, with a slight amount of shine on top. Similar is the application for haze or swirl marks; They would be left out ‘locked’ under the coating if they’re not removed at first,


So, we hope that the above-explained information provides the answers to ”what is a ceramic coating?” As for whether it’s really worth it to let your car be ceramic coated?
Umm, Well, That’s a yes, Absolutely, for most of the cars. The overall marginal investment, particularly from a DIY standpoint makes a ceramic car coating well worth purchasing. The upfront cost will pay for self in saving less than a few months. The professional application is also worth to explore in case you have a show -type-vehicle or a high-end vehicle. We’ve kind off enumerated a bit on this.and if you are spreading the upfront cost out on the period of the whole protected period, you’re looking at a massive $0.05 per day or transformed to Euro, approx. €0.04.

Moving on to the next most important thing is not to expect a magic product that would act as a bulletproof force field of protection around the car, It gives your car a classy and recently waxed look. It also makes the dirt to drop off super easily and does an even better job of protecting your paint than any other materials like wax and sealant. Its also remarkable on your edges, plastic and especially the headlights. In fact its so good that we’ve had so many people try out our very own Armor Shield IX and their very much honest reviews about the process. The videos of how ‘to’ videos even have hundreds and hundreds of people watching. So we hereby we also recommend watching a few of such videos before you head towards the 9H Ceramic coating. We’ll be linking a few of them down in the references below.

Before winding up, its also very important to know that we guide you throughout the entire procedure, so you may get similar end-up results as if you’ve had it professionally done.
So, Ask yourself ”Do you wish to see your car like it’s just washed and waxes. Adding it with a deep glowy and shiny finish uncomplicated cleaning and eye-catching increased level of environmental protection If you are able to say ‘yes’ we hereby motivate you to try out a Ceramic Coating DIY Kit today itself.



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Super Ceramic Coating Editor

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super ceramic coating review

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